Nintendo Dream interviews Phantom Hourglass devs

A portion of a translated interview from Nintendo Dream with various devs that worked on Phantom Hourglass…

ND: When did the development of this title start?

Iwamoto: It was around May 2004, right after we finished the Four Swords Adventures game. The DS hadn’t been released yet and the game was in the experimental stage. We started by trying many ideas on how to use the stylus and the two screens.

Aonuma: There were many other DS games in development at the time, so we worked at a relatively easy pace. During the first year, we had a team of just five people.

ND: In the previous interview you said they were quietly burning with passion.

Aonuma: Yeah (laughs).

Iwamoto: Burning or burnt (laughs)? We were a small group for quite some time.

ND: Were you also involved since the beginning, Mr. Fujibayashi?

Full interview here


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