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Netflix hints once again at providing service for another game console

by rawmeatcowboy
22 October 2009
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Check out this blurb from NewTeeVee, which summarizes some information from a Netflix conference call concerning their recent earnings report.

Particularly enticing was the news dropped during the call that Netflix would be partnering with another CE device later this year with a “material installed base,” big enough that the company revised its fourth quarter guidance upwards. Earlier in the call, Hastings mentioned that more CE companies want to include Netflix service and he specifically said “game consoles.”

Well, that means we can infer that either the Wii, PS3, PSP or DS is going to get the service. Of course, we can take things further and say that the term ‘console’ only refers to PS3 or Wii. Could we soon see a deal with Nintendo for a Netflix service on Wii?