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High Voltage developing Wii version of Iron Man 2

by rawmeatcowboy
14 January 2010
GN Version 3.1

Iron Man on the Wii was a pretty big bummer. Actually, it was considered a bad game across all platforms. Is there any hope for the sequel turning out a bit better? Let’s hope so, because High Voltage is the team behind the project. It turns out that the Wii version is going to be different from the other versions of the game, with a focus on close-quarters combat. Expect to do some scanning of enemies and other items, as well as some damage in the destructible environments. Of course, there will also be some flying stages, as well as opportunities to play as the character War Machine. With a story by Matt Fraction, let’s hope this project turns out a lot better than the last. Thanks to EternalRain for the heads up!