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Art Style: Rotozoa - Nintendo Media Summit 2010 impressions

by rawmeatcowboy
25 February 2010
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Art Style: Rotozoa was another surprise game for the Nintendo Media Summit. I think the most surprising thing about these games is that Nintendo didn’t just dump them out onto the WiiWare service without any fanfare. These games should actually enjoy a fair bit of coverage before they’re actually available for purchase. Much like every other WiiWare title on display, you might want to set aside some spare points for this one.

Art Style: Rotozoa mind remind a lot of people of Flow on the PS3. I can definitely see the connection through the visuals, and even in the gameplay to some degree. With that said, I believe Art Style: Rotozoa to be a little less on the artistic side, and more focused on the actual gameplay experience.

One again, we get another Art Style game that is very simple to understand, but is quite hard to actually master. You’ll play as a ‘rotozoa’ that needs to collect little colored balls to grow. To collect these balls, you have to rotate your rotozoa either left or right, and swing the correct colored arm into the orb. If you accidentally hit a yellow orb with your red arm, you’ll break the chain and lose some health. Do that one too many times, and it’s game over for rotozoa.

I actually came back to play this one a few times during the day. It’s one of those games that’s great for a quick play session. It’s pretty addicting…growing the rotozoa to a certain chain length to beat the level. Just when you think you’ve got it made, you accidentally hit the wrong color into the wrong chain, and you have to start nearly from scratch. It’s definitely a frustrating game, but in a good way.