Massive ESRB update - both VC and non VC titles (first non legacy VC titles!)

Reader KingBroly was hunting around the ESRB website and found a bunch of Wii titles. Some heading to the VC, some for the Wii, but rated. A few VC titles rated that we haven’t heard about yet!

Mighty Bomb Jack
Bonks Revenge
Jewel Quest II
Bonk III: Bonk’s Big Adventure
Mario Party 8
Dragon’s Curse
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Kid Icarus
(I couldn’t remember if this was on the ESRB website already, or if it was new, and we had only mentioned the Japanese VC release)

More Bonk, that’s all I needed to see. It’s also good to see Sonic and the Secret Rings rated, that must mean Sega has an official date in mind!


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