Smart Bomb Interactive working on Wii

A portion of a Gamasutra job post

Smart Bomb Interactive is a VC-funded independent developer of games for all current and next-gen platforms. Our latest releases include Pac-Man World Rally and Snoopy vs. the Red Baron. We are currently at work on original titles for next-gen platforms, as well as an unannounced Wii project under development for a top-tier publisher.

The ideal candidate will possess a minimum of three years of production experience as a character animator and extensive experience animating with Maya. Candidates must demonstrate an exceptional technical understanding of animation mechanics, and the ability to animate characters, creatures and objects at an extremely high level of quality. Preference will be given to demo reels that demonstrate an expressive animation style with a focus on natural movement and acting.


-Collaborate with the art director, artists, and game designer to conceptualize character motions and abilities.

-Bring game characters and environments to life, across a variety of game genres both stylized and realistic.

-Collaborate with the art director and producer to plan production schedules that consistently meet deadlines.

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