Telltale Games working on Wii!

(I happened to be checking my email before I went to bed, and I found an amazing piece of info from reader ExistentialDreamer. I couldn’t wait to post this up! Last story before I head to bed…for real this time!)

Well, it looks like all of our hard work a few months ago was worth it. Remember when we (GoNintendo staff, and tons of our readers) were in contact with Telltale Games, and were trying to get Nintendo to recognize that we wanted Telltale’s work on the Wii? Well it seems like things have gone extremely well for Telltale since then. Take a look at a recent job listing on Telltale’s website.

Wii Systems Programmer Posted 1/25/07
We have an immediate opening for a Wii Systems Programmer. This position will be responsible for implementing our core 3D graphics and audio systems on the Wii. This is a full time position at our San Rafael location.

* Responsibilities
o Migrate core components of D3D based PC game engine to the Wii
o Implement additional platform specific features
o Modify and support existing art and production path to accommodate Wii production
o Contribute to the design and direction of Telltale Technology and products.
* Requirements
o Fluent C/C++ (templates, design patterns, STL, etc). Minimum 2 years professional experience.
o Experience designing and building game systems on consoles.
o Minimum of 1 shipped game title.
o Teamwork, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills are essential.
o Attentive to detail
* Additional Preferred
o Prior experience with Wii or GameCube.
o Working knowledge of Lua implementation.
o C# experience.
o Maya experience (as a user and API).
o Experience in natural language processing.
o Love of adventure games.

I think it is pretty safe to say that this listing is a 100% confirmation of Telltale working on the Wii! Now the only question is, what are they going to be bringing over? Our entire reason for helping out Telltale was to get Sam and Max on the Wii. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that one!


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