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RUMOR - GamePro lists new Wii titles

by rawmeatcowboy
04 February 2007
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Consider this story 100% rumor until we have visual proof from GamePro…

This list supposedly comes from the latest GamePro issue (March), and was sent in by reader The_legend_of_drtre. I don’t have the issue, but if anyone does, or plans to pick it up soon, please see if you can get us a confirmation. Some of the entries on this list just don’t make sense. This sort of stuff only pops up on the weekend, and is half the reason why I’m posting! I’ve starred the ones that don’t make any sense to me.

*100 Bullets - Fall 2007*
Alive-TBA 2007, Ubisoft
Devil Kings Series - 2007 Capcom
Digimon- 2007 , Namco
DK bongo blast-spring 2007, Nintendo
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix- July, EA
Iron Man: The Movie, 2008, SEGA
Kirby- 2007 Nintendo
Legend of Dragon- 2007
Lost- 2007, Ubisoft
Machi Kuru Domino- 2007
Ratatouille- Fall 2007, THQ
*Mario Kart Wii- 2007, Nintendo*
*Pilot Wings -2007- Nintendo*
*Wii shooting- 2007*
*Wii motor sports airplane- 2007*
TNA impact- 2007, Midway
JAWA- 2007, spike
Wii music- October 2007
Space station Tycoon- Summer 2007- Namco
Dance Factory- March 2007
*Animal Crossing- 2007*
Raid over the River-2007
*Sadness- August- Nibris*