Microsoft thinks their new Xbox 360 version was bigger E3 news than the 3DS

A portion of a Gamasutra interview with Albert Penello, director of platform marketing for Xbox…

GS: How do you think Microsoft did at E3 in relation to your competitors. How do you think you stood up against the new offerings everyone else has?

Albert Penello: Oh, we were terrible. [laughs]

GS: [laughs] Yeah, like you’re going to say that.

AP: I feel like we had the single biggest piece of news, which was the new console and the fact that it was shipping. [Nintendo] let a lot go about the 3DS before the show, and even though there were rumors about the new [Xbox 360] console, nobody had seen anything before we announced it that day.

I’m pretty sure just about everyone would disagree with that. The new version of the 360 was rumored for months, whereas people knew what the 3DS would do…just not how it would do it. Last I heard, Nintendo was winning ‘best of show’ nods around the net. Microsoft had a good show, but to claim the new 360 as the biggest piece of news is a bit bold.


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