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Blockbuster Wii release list (interesting info)

by rawmeatcowboy
08 February 2007
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Reader Alex thought he would check Blockbuster’s Wii game listings while at work. He popped into the computer system and had a look at the upcoming titles. His list further confirms a few titles we have been discussing the past month or so.

Brothers In Arms: D-Day - June 21/2007
Cosmic Family - June 7/2007
Emergency Mayhem - April 15/2007
High School Musical with Microphone - August 07/2007
Samurai Slash - December 15/2007
Spelling Spree - June 14/2007
Surfs Up - May 24/2007

A couple interesting titles there. Brothers In Arms: D-Day pops up yet again, which we have heard semi-confirmations on, including an old leaked press release, as well as a more recent one. The other interesting bit is the inclusion of a microphone with High School Musical. We knew that this title was coming to the Wii, but it seems it will be along the lines of a Singstar or Karaoke Revolution title. (Makes sense seeing that it is based on Disney’s High School Musical). The question is, will it plug into the Wiimote, a USB port (nice catch Inque!) or the Cube port?