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This Week In Video Game Criticism - Aug. 5th

by rawmeatcowboy
05 August 2010
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Matthew Armstrong of The Misanthropic Gamer writes about ‘The Pokémon Ego Agenda’, saying “It’s pretty damn easy to point out that Pokémon is a series that needs to change. The trick however, is dealing with what is an established and deeply set-in formula that has lasted over a decade now.”

LB Jeffries, writing at Pop Matters considers ‘Morality in Shiren the Wanderer’. I’ve always wanted to play Shiren, ever since Iroquois Pliskin mentioned, way back in January of 2009, that he’d spent a delirious week walking the line between consciousness and unconsciousness while playing Shiren with a horrible tropical fever.

Also at PopMatters, G Christopher Williams has one of the most punchy openers to any blog post I’ve read recently, noting: “Pac-Man will die. / The space invaders will win. / Donkey Kong will get the girl. And you won’t.”
It’s about ‘Cynicism and Retro Game “Endings”’.

In another notable post, The Psychology of Games looks at Immersion in videogames taking a more theoretical approach to the subject than some of the recent more philosophical discussions.