More My Sims details (Wii/DS)

A few bulletpoints of info from Nintendo Power…


- The original town you start in is the same town of your grandparents

- Among others, the town will have a mad scientist, magician, chef, hair dresser, and florist

- townsfolk will ask you to build things for them

- Artistic style was chosen to obtain worldwide appeal. The Sims doesn’t sell that well in Japan.

- Development team was partially inspired by the Sesame Street song “Who Are the People in your neighborhood?”

- Use Nunchuck for “direct movement”, Wiimote to point and move objects

- it is unknown whether you control your character as in Animal Crossing, or you direct your character as in The Sims franchise


- Game takes place on vacation resort that needs tourists to visit

- Convince people to stay through conversations, mini game play using touch screen/microphone as well

- One mini game is fishing, no other games were discussed

- Touch screen shows environment, top screen shows info


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