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Kirby's Epic Yarn is for 'serious gamers' as well, says Good Feel

by rawmeatcowboy
26 October 2010
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“As a team, we were extremely opposed to the idea of an action game where the game wasn’t over when an enemy got you. We debated that for quite a long time. …we thought it would be fine if we just made a fun game the way we’re good at.” - producer Etsunobu Ebisu

“When serious gamers play, they want to clear a level without any mistakes like running into enemies, so this game is made so you really feel regret when you run into enemies and a strong sense of achievement when you clear a level without any mistakes.” - producer Nobuo Matsumiya

I think Kirby’s Epic Yarn is for all types of gamers, and there are definitely ways to challenge more core-oriented players. Throw in a co-op companion and marvel at how much more difficult the game can be!