Chunsoft Blog: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Untold Story

Today we are here with some information from producer Jiro Ishii and writer/director Kotarou Uchikoshi.


[999 Development Untold Story]

Ishii: The initial idea was of a boy and a girl handcuffed to one another, trying to escape.


(An early illustration from the initial development stage. Never before seen!)

I liked this idea, but a number of people told me it was overused, so we threw it out. Eventually we got to the current version of the “Nonary Game.” Later, Kinu Nishimura was assigned as the character designer and I was looking through some of her earlier titles… There was one called Mahou Shoujo Riska with a boy and girl handcuffed to one another on the cover of it. As soon as I saw that, I was glad we hadn’t gone with the initial idea.

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