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Eye specialists not sure why Nintendo is warning about 3DS play for younger eyes, claim no harm to come

by rawmeatcowboy
05 January 2011
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“The fact you’d watch 3-D in a theater or a video game should have zero deleterious impact whatsoever.” - Dr. Lawrence Tychsen, a professor of pediatrics and ophthalmology at Washington University in St. Louis

“There were a flurry of emails saying, does any one know the reason for this or where it came from? I don’t think that parents need to worry about kids playing video games, 3-D or otherwise, from a vision perspective. The bigger question for parents is: Do you really want your 3-year-old playing a video game?” - David Granet, a pediatric ohpthalmologist at the University of California at San Diego and chair-elect of the ophthalmology section of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Just like I said back when Nintendo first made mention of this, I think the Big N is just covering their ass. It’s much better to be safe than sorry in this situation.