Kid Icarus: Uprising - more details

- Demo stage names were Chapter 1 “Palutena’s Second Coming” (easy) and Chapter 4 “Sights of the God of Death” (hard)
- three weapons: sword, claw and satellite
- stages were split into two parts
- this includes an aerial segment, then a foot-based sequence ending in a boss fight
- when in the air, the game is totally on rails
- on the ground you have full 360 degree freedom
- move Pit around with the circle pad
- move your aim around with the stylus
- shoot with L
- make Pit dash by tapping the circle pad quickly in a given direction
- hold L down to fire continuously
- let go of L to charge your shot
- When Pit is near to enemies, his laser blasts turn into melee attacks
- create combos by repeatedly hitting L
- when on the ground, flick the stylus to turn Pit’s viewpoint around
- tap the screen again to stop the viewpoint
- first stage has you running through the streets of a city
- second stage was an arena-style area, with a variety of enemies and gimmick
- the fourth stage boss fight takes place in an arena with two levels, due to the boss being so big
- the boss’ weak point was his head and his feet
- main characters are fully voiced by Minami Takayama as Pit and Aya Hisakawa as Palutena
- this is how you’ll hear your mission briefings, as well as story
- the Hewdraw returns, and each of its 3 heads has a different personality
- Nintendo is looking into releasing a line of character products related to the game
- there will also be a 10 meter tall float for the Gosho Gawara Tachineputa festival in early August


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