Steel Diver - more details

- two demo modes: submarine mode and periscope mode
- submarine mode takes place from a side perspective
- guide your submarine to a goal point
- take out obstacles and enemy ships
- avoid enemy fire
- control sub via touch screen
- sliders for rising/lowering/going forward and reverse
- center both sliders for a complete stop
- momentum needs to be accounted for
- fire with missiles and masker
- missiles can be forward upward or forward
- Masker is for masking your ship when enemies fire missiles at you
- masker uses up your air supply
- resurface to get air back
- touch screen also shows zoomable map
- map shows where you’re going, islands and other obstacles
- other subs control differently and have different control options
- mission available was going from one point to another, swimming around obstacles and destroying enemies in your path
- Periscope mode: use your periscope to look around 360 degrees, find enemy ships and fire at them
- slider controls for zooming in and out and making your ship dive and surface
- periscope controlled via gyro-based controls
- this control can also be done via slider
- use timing to hit ships in the distance
- ship will begin flooding when it
- touch parts of the ship to repair
- download play option in menu


Categories: Portables
Tags: 3ds


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