WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston shows he knows his gaming history

A portion of a GamerNode interview with WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston…

GN: Doing good. So you are known as an avid gamer. I just wanted to know what got you into video games, what are some of your favorite video games of the past, and what games are you playing right now?

KK: Man! Oh wow! Well a lot of questions in that one. As far as what got me into video games, I have no idea. I think because everyone used to play Nintendo and I never had an Atari. Once Nintendo came out I was actually able to get it. I don’t know, I kinda just kept up with it. A lot of people fall out of gaming, I kept up with it. All the way through Super Nintendo, N64, PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Xbox, everything. I have them all now.

As far as games in the past that used to be my favorites, the one that’s coming into my head right now is Flying Dragon for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a game that we always used to play and try to walk through; had trouble beating and whatnot.

These days I’m playing a lot of Smackdown! vs. RAW. I’m very excited about a lot of games that are coming out, WWE All-Stars obviously. I’m an avid Mortal Kombat player. I play Madden. I play Call of Duty. I play ‘em all. *Chuckles*

Full interview here

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