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The week before GDC. I wonder if this is going to be a busy week or not. I also can’t wait to see what Iwata has to talk about! Maybe we’ll get some hints in the next few days. I’m ready for the work week ahead, and I hope you guys are as well! See you in a few, short hours. - RMC


If you didn’t already know, today is Links Birthday.  Happy Birthday!  It’s been exactly 25 years since we first met him on February 21st, 1986 in the land of Hyrule as he tried to save the princess from the evil Ganon.  I know it isn’t just his Birthday, we actually met a lot of characters on that day long ago, but I thought it would be nice to plan something special just for Link.

In order to plan this imaginary party we need to really consider all that we’ve learned about this green hatted savior of princesses.  What would he like to have at a party dedicated to just him?  I think I know exactly what would make him feel like he’s in heaven.

That crazy kid absolutely loves breaking into peoples homes and destroying any meager belongings they’ve managed to amass.  Usually this means pots.  We know he likes to throw them at the people who live there, into walls, into other objects and that he even loves to smash them with his sword from time to time.  He even takes the money he finds inside right in front of the owner!

To make sure that he’s entertained we’re asking that you bring any pots you have with some money inside so that Link can smash them to bits and get his reward.  It doesn’t have to be much, he just seems to love smashing them for some reason.  Feel free to put them up on a fence post just in case he wants to do some target practice.

Also, we’re going to be completely re-landscaping our yard so that it’s full of tiny bushes.  You see, the master tunic wearer likes to frequently whip out his sword and cut them down for no reason.  I think I’ve even seen him rip them right out of the ground only to throw them away.  He’s a strong guy so I think we should just let him do it.

When he finally settles down to relax we’ll move onto the main event.  Fishing.  This will probably last an extremely long time as I know for a fact that Link will fish for hours until he gets one that’s either the right species, or big enough.  You may want to bring your own fishing rod for this part.

Finally we’ll wrap everything up by letting him open up his presents.  This may also take some time as every single time Link gets anything new he holds it above his head for a few seconds.  It could make the entire unwrapping process timely, but he does a neat trick where he makes the objects levitate over his head for a few seconds which is entertaining.  We’ll probably do the unwrapping in the basement, just in-case the music gets too loud.

Finally we’ll light the candles and bring out the cake.  Please, no gifts of any Gale Boomerang or I’ll be cleaning cake off of the walls for a month.

So with all this fictional festiveness I hope you can imagine yourself singing Happy Birthday around a delicious cake and joining in on the fun.  Let us know in the comments if you have any suggested additions for his big day.

Happy Birthday Link.  Here’s to 25 more years lived happily saving princesses.

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