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Zordix acquires Resolution Interactive'��s IP, Shows Interest in 3DS

by rawmeatcowboy
23 February 2011
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Zordix acquires game IP assets with over 12 million downloads Developer/publisher Zordix today announced that it has acquired all IP rights from the recently closed developer Resolution Interactive. With this move Zordix strengthens its position as developer/publisher of content on handheld platforms.

The acquired IPs include all four games in the prominent Moto Racing series, namely Aqua Moto Racing, Dirt Moto Racing, Snow Moto Racing and Aqua Moto Racing 2, along with the popular tower defense game BioDefense. These games have been downloaded a sum total of 12 000 000 times.

Matti Larsson, CEO and Creative Director of Zordix:

“The acquired best in class brands will play an important role in our strategy moving forward. While our involvement in the Nintendo platforms, where especially the Nintendo 3DS is of our main interest, we are actively seeking partners for versions on other platforms as well.”

These strong titles combined with our own line up of brands provides a solid foundation for Zordix’ future expansion.