Shane Kim praises Nintendo

A portion of a Gamasutra interview with Microsoft’s Shane Kim…

GS: I heard you mentioned at the Blogger Breakfast that there are some things that Nintendo is doing that feel like areas that you would want to get into. Can you be more specific about that?

SK: I can’t remember exactly what the question was and how I responded, but in general, I applaud Nintendo for their success. I think what they’re doing is very important. They’re trying to bring more people into the industry and — objectively speaking — I think it’s Nintendo and Microsoft that are really generating the excitement for the industry. And that’s important for the industry.

The fact that Nintendo and Wii have launched strong and that people who are not traditional gamers find excitement in the video game industry is a great thing for the business, and for us as well, since we’re going to compete for that customer segment as well.

I don’t view Nintendo as a direct competitor, simply because they’re not trying to do the same things as we are on the higher end — they don’t have the same online aspirations as we do — but Sony and Microsoft really need to compete for that customer segment if we want to get to the mass market and win this generation. Nintendo’s certainly done a lot of great things. That’s more what I think of as what we need to do a better job of as we go after that.

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