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Nintendo trumpets successful 3DS UK midnight launch events, Nintendo fan passion, GAME says 3DS is 'truly brilliant'

by rawmeatcowboy
25 March 2011
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- London’s Oxford Street saw about 400 people line up
- Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono walked the line to play some Street Fighter with those waiting
- Marwan Elgamal was first in line, and was the same man that was first in line for the UK Wii launch


“I’ve been queuing since 1am, so probably about 22 hours. I just love Nintendo so much and the 3DS is amazing so that’s why I’m here - I really want one. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since I was born - my favourite series is the Legend of Zelda.”

“I tell you what, I’m not feeling very strong because I’ve been on my feet all day running around stores, being at the event, but it’s all been fantastic. I don’t feel the pain at all because there are so many people here excited to get the Nintendo 3DS. We’re really happy with the response. I’ve been down to GAME and they had a lot of people queuing down there as well and we know all over the country almost a thousand stores are opening at midnight. We’ve had something like 140,000 pre-orders which is a record number. It just shows that people who have sampled and read about it are really looking forward to it. Actually the really great thing about the event is I’ve actually picked up about 15 new Mii characters (laughs) so It’s been great. Hopefully the public can now help me with the StreetPass Quest!” - Nintendo UK GM, David Yarnton

“I agree, it’s been fantastic. The fans have turned up, come out late at night and clearly this is something they’re very passionate about. We feel really good about it, hopefully they feel really good about it, and hopefully they really enjoy the product.” - UK marketing manager, James Honeywell

“It’s been a really good evening and there’s been genuine excitement all day. People have been queuing from really early on this evening and it’s turned into a really good event. We’ve been really, really impressed by how much people know about the device before they’ve even played it - they’ve really done their homework - and as soon as we let people through the doors to try demo units that’s when the excitement started to build because it sounds really cheesy, but they genuinely didn’t believe their eyes. I think genuinely, not being here at the start, if you’re really into your games you really missed a bit of a turning point in gaming tonight. Get out this week and get one because what this machine is capabile of doing is truly brilliant for gaming.” - GAME Group marketing director Anna-Marie Mason

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