Capcom promises they won't drive the fighting genre into the ground, promises not to over-simply either

“We’re definitely cognizant of that. It was not just the preponderance of fighting games. There were a lot. …If there are a lot of fighting games, in part that’s beyond our control. There are a lot of other publishers. Our focus is to still make the games as absolutely dead hardcore and serious as they can be, but make sure we don’t fall into the trap of adding complexity for its own sake. If we’re going to add a mechanic, justify it within the flow of the game, and make sure our hand is held out to the new players as well. What that means will be different from game to game. With Marvel you can just tap buttons, and easier supers and specials. It’s something we have in mind for Street Fighter x Tekken. Even for Arcade Edition, as we’ve seen the iterations of Street Fighter IV, we haven’t added mechanics. That’s been a conscious decision. We’re adding characters, environments, bonus stages and online features. Things that are not a burden to the player. So, you can come in and play Arcade Edition for the first time, and you’ll have more characters to learn, but learning characters is fun and exciting, whereas learning mechanics can be fun and exciting, but that’s where the real work sometimes comes in. But it’s not necessarily the fun work. The fun work is the match-ups, the mind games and the different techniques all the characters have. Just learning how to parry every move in the game is just a lot of work. It can be rewarding work, but we’re going to add fun without raising the bar to the point where a player who hasn’t been playing since Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter II comes in and is mystified by what’s going on.” - Capcom’s Seth Killian

Fighting games are definitely getting to be big again, and it would be a shame to see the market fall flat once more. Let’s hope the love of the fighting genre sticks around this time.


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