The Rock discusses appearing in WWE All-Stars, old-school gaming, Madden love and game-to-movie adaptations

A portion of a GamePro interview with The Rock…

GP: You’re a Legend now in THQ’s new WWE All-Stars game. What’s it like to see yourself in those games?

Rock: Oh yeah, I’ve been in a ton of them. It never gets old to me, whether it’s seeing myself in a video game or as an action figure or on a movie poster or in a movie trailer — it never ever gets old or lost on me. I think that’s cool, man, especially with video games. I remember with THQ, they were highly innovative back in the day, and the movement was really fluid and it was cool to be a part of that and see myself then. And now, too, especially with the new games, the details are fantastic and I really appreciate it. At one point they had to ban video games backstage at the WWE because guys were playing too much and almost missing their cues to go into the ring.

GP: What video games did you play back in the day?

Rock: Pong, Atari 2600, Colecovision and Intellivision. I just remember that as I got older, my taste in video games began to change. It went from arcades to home gaming systems. Very specifically, though, what hooked me for a long period of time was [NES football game] Tecmo Super Bowl.

GP: What modern games do you like to play when you have some free time?

Rock: Football’s the go-to, because time is of the essence … you can jump in and play a game any time. I have a ton of games. They’re sending me games all the time, but most of them are still wrapped. It’s funny, because the Madden games are the only ones never wrapped. Madden is like the go-to game. It’s like the go-to pair of jeans that you have.

GP: Having been in Doom, what are your thoughts on video games being turned into movies?

Rock: A lot of times, the successful video game doesn’t always equate to a successful movie. I think there are some video game movies out there that were made that were good, some not so good, some that were pretty damn good, and some that are coming out that I anticipate will be great. And if there’s a way that you can capture that on screen with a great writer, a great director, and some great actors on board, then you really have a shot of doing something special.

Full interview here

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