Nintendo not talking much about 3D classics, would like to see arcade games hit the service

A portion of a Nintendo Power interview with Hideki Konno…

NP: What games would you like to see come out first for the 3D classics?

HK: We haven’t really talked too much about the lineup or any of the details of the 3D classics. That being said, the 3D classics - what it does is the program is designed to take these old classic, favorite games and reinvent them using 3D technology and then distribute and display them in 3D, of course. In my own personal opinion, I would like to see some arcade games make their way into the 3D classic lineup. At least year’s E3 I believe we showed Xevious, and that was one of the arcade games we had seen remade into and show on the 3DS in 3D. I think that was a really neat play experience, and one I’d like to see.

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