Miyamoto on 3DS sales, no StreetPass in Super Mario 3D but gyroscopic controls, Wii successor talk and more

Miyamoto on 3DS sales…

“We’ve had a very good start with the 3DS, but it’s not completely widespread yet. One of our pet peeves is how do you convey the message? Because one has to play the 3DS to experience the 3D. I guess it depends on you guys! We spent a lot of time developing 3DS, whether its games or other software, but from now we will be focussing more on gaming, we want to release lots of games this year.”

On why Nintendo is remaking The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time…

“After 13 years, there will be the children of today who haven’t experienced Ocarina of Time, it’s brand new for them. But for fans of the original, it’s a very faithful adaption.”

On eShop content…

“Personally speaking, I think you need specific, meaningful software for the 3DS. If it is a downloadable game, you don’t have to change the game card so we would like to create games that are always there with you – the sort of game that uses StreetPass, perhaps.”

On Super Mario 3D…

(no plans for StreetPass functionality) unless a spectacular idea comes to mind. For example, with floating platforms it can be really difficult to judge the distance, but the depth in the 3D helps you evaluate those tricky jumps.” (it was then confirmed that Super Mario 3D would utilize the gyro sensor in some way)

On the lack of a second circle pad…

“Sometimes people ask why the 3DS isn’t double stick. One is normally used to control the camera, but having the gyro sensor you can replace the analogue stick by moving the console, which is very intuitive.”

On the Wii successor…

“Please be patient! Even when the Wii launched, we were developing new hardware. The creation of devices is quite speedy nowadays, and we’re always working on new ideas. There’s definitely space for uniqueness in a home console. As you know the Wii is family orientated, played in the living room of the household. We’re hoping to evolve that, there’s a variety of options we can think of. With the more advanced devices, game design is currently at a high level. Nowadays I think it’s really important that designers are really unique and individual. It’s costly if you are focussing on similar ideas, so that uniqueness is important. You can get more budget for games, but your energy must be focussed, otherwise it won’t last. Don’t focus on how many stages it’s got. Tell me if you’ve seen it before. That’s the challenge for me.”


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