Firebrand won't say if they're working on 3DS but they like the system, want to do F-Zero

A portion of a C3 interview with Firebrand CEO Mark Greenshields and Pete Shea, Creative Director…

C3: Have you already started any projects for 3DS?

MG: No comment, I am afraid.

C3: What are your thoughts on the 3DS system in general and how big an impact is 3D gaming likely to be, do you think?

PS: It’s great! We predict and hope it’s going to be huge. We’re delighted that Nintendo have managed to pull another ace out of their sleeve just as the DS starts to reach market saturation. We think it’s definitely the right move. Rather than “DS 2″ simply being a more powerful DS, the 3D element brings a wealth of exciting new possibilities to the table, just as the touch-screen did on DS or motion control did on Wii.

At the moment we still remain to be convinced about glasses-based 3D tech on home consoles, but with large screen glasses-free 3D televisions only a few years away, we think this will probably be an ascent stage for the medium and it’s definitely going to grow in the long run, led in no small way by the 3DS.

C3: Is Firebrand looking to expand it’s reach from arcade racing titles into another genre yet? Or at least try a new racing style, doing something like an F-Zero type of racer?

MG: For the moment, we are having great success specialising in racing games, with big publishers keen to work with us and draw on the expertise we’ve developed, so we see no reason to change. That said, as a company we will always consider any opportunity that comes along and wouldn’t rule out anything for the future.

PS: We’d love to make an F-Zero game if Nintendo are listening, though! F-Zero X is one of my all-time favourite games! *smiles*

Full interview here

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