GoNintendo "End of Day" thoughts - The Pokemon Diamond/Pearl launch event: A day in pictures/videos


The Diamond/Pearl launch event turned out to be absolutely huge. I kind of figured that it would be popular, but I didn’t expect to see the type of turnout that was there. Just seeing all those supporters there made me want to get back into Pokemon even more. There was plenty of stuff to do for all ages. You could demo Diamond/Pearl, play the Pokemon card battle game, color some Poke-pics, watch the latest Pokemon movie, enjoy entertainment on the main stage, head into the Nintendo World Store to purchase a ton of Pokemon goodies, and much more. Nicky Hill was nice enough to put together a photo set for everyone while we were there. There are a bunch of great pictures, and two videos to check out as well. I hope you guys enjoy these goodies while I head to bed! I’ll catch you in a few hours, have a wonderful Monday morning.

Side note - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl review coming up as my next “End of day” thought.


The Flickr set really shows you just how much was going on at the event. We have pictures of every tent, all the activity inside, and a lot more. Please make sure to check the Flickr set out, Nicky worked hard on it!

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl launch event - Flickr set (77 photos)

We also grabbed a couple videos for you as well. The first video shows off what the line was like at 1:00 p.m. EST. This is when the official party kicked off. People had been waiting in line since 4 in the morning, and the line had been moving since 8. Please excuse the camera jump at one part, the camera cut off after 3 mins of recording…we had to restart.

Direct link here

Finally we have a couple of videos put together to show the poor person that had to walk around in the Turtwig suit. Now that is Pokemon dedication! Keep an eye out for a dancing Chimchar as well.

Direct link here

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