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Iwata speech wrap-up (Metroid Prime 3 talk, Virtual Console downloads, future Nintendo consoles)

by rawmeatcowboy
27 April 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

There has been so much info whirling around about Nintendo the last 48 hours that it’s very hard to keep up with. I thought I would make a bulletpoint list of all the most important information. We’ve reported almost all of this already, but I just wanted to put the info in one central location.

- 45 Wii games, 79 DS games being developed by Nintendo, first info on these games at end of Summer

- Many of these games are “real gamer games” such as Super Mario Galaxy

- Wii production increased, 14 million for next fiscal year

- Increased Wii shipment should become apparent next month

- 2.5 million DS units being made a month, this tops the GBA popularity height which was 2.3 million a month

- Iwata’s goal isn’t in pushing hardware, it’s in selling software. Long term final goal is 300,000,000 units of software sold

- The above figure includes Nintendo games and third party games

- Wiimote/Nunchuck for FPS games was talked about again. Iwata says Metroid Prime 3: Corruption testers are saying current setup feels very close to keyboard and mouse.

- Iwata hopes that EA can innovate with their sports titles due to the Wiimote/Nunchuck

- 3.3 million Virtual Console titles were downloaded. Specific details on game by game basis were not given

- Iwata doesn’t plan on bringing their software to cell phones at this time

- Nintendo is already looking a number of different options for hardware development on future consoles