Rare talks Goldeneye on Virtual Console - "It's possible"

Over at Rareware’s UK site they have a question/answer section in which they answer questions from the public. Someone asked about Rare’s previous titles, and it if would be possible to see them on the Virtual Console someday. Talk of Goldeneye comes up specifically in one question, while a more broad Virtual Console answer is provided in another. First the Goldeneye bit, than the more general statement.

From my (uneducated) point of view, GoldenEye is caught up in a convoluted web of rights the likes of which would make the Weaver from Perdido Street Station jealous. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that a lot of people with a lot of different perspectives are involved.

This is where we finally edge into territory that could see Scribes neutron bombed from management level. The only Rare-developed title on Virtual Console right now is the original Donkey Kong Country, and unofficially there’s a strong likelihood that its sequels will follow. But the Donkey Kong series of games is a Nintendo-owned franchise starring an established Nintendo character, whereas something like Banjo isn’t (and even Diddy Kong Racing is less clear-cut), so it’s nowhere near as easy to call. Especially when you also consider the existence of Xbox Live Arcade. So right now, the best answer we can offer (for either download service) is “it’s possible”. I like your sausage casserole mix, by the way.

Well it’s good to know that Rare’s classic catalog of non-Nintendo owned franchises has some chance of coming to the Wii. The real question is, will Microsoft let this happen, or will they gobble up these classics for their Xbox Live Arcade?


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