Twilight Princess released same time as Revolution

lodsafgoMiyamoto spoke with a Swedish newspaper to discuss Mario, Zelda, and the Revolution. During the interview, Miyamoto was asked about when we might be seeing the Revolution hitting store shelves, to which he had a pretty interesting answer.

“It’s going to be released this year at the same time as Twilight Princess”.

The same time as Twilight Princess, which we do not have an official date for either. Will we really be seeing Zelda release that close to the Revolution, if not on the same day? Mr. Miyamoto may also mean “the same time” as a general time period, which could be the weeks surrounding the Revolution lauch. I have been wondering if we might see a Revolution package that offers Twilight Princess as a pack in game, and this just adds to my speculation. A full translation of the interview is hopefully on it’s way. Thanks to ToothpickJack for the info!

QazzaQY2K was nice enough to post a full translation in our comment section. You can check it out below! Miyamoto’s answers are in bold.

He made “Super Mario”

Now a new cooler release of our favourite Super Mario game.

The man behind “Mario” and “Zelda” is legendary.
But not even Shigeru Miyamoto have full control of his games, but his kids do.
- Even when they ask me about tricks I can’t help them, because I don’t have a clue, he says.

The Mystical game maker Shigeru Miyamoto is in London to share the new comings of the year from Nintendo.
First of is the “New Super Mario Bros”, a new version of the game which the 70s people grew up with.
-The Basics are still there, but today we will use today’s technology, that wasn’t present in the 1980s, says Miyamoto when Aftonbladet as THE only Swedish media to interview him.

When will the game be coming to Sweden?

-Some time in the summer.

Strong bonds to the games
And the new console Revolution?

-The only thing i can say is that is gets released this year and that “Zelda: Twilight princess” is released at the same time.

It’s going to be possible to download Nintendo’s older games to the console. Why?

- The console should be for the whole family. Many adults have very strong bonds to
The games they grew up with and that’s why they should be available.

Why are these old games so popular even today?

- It’s just to plug them in and play. Many new games are so advanced they take hour to learn.

What games do you like the best?

-”Pacman” is the game I loved the most and “Donkey Kong” one of my own.

Kids play games allot.
Do your kids like your games?

-They maybe do just to flatter me, but they play them allot. They even know the games allot better then me. I do guess I allow them to play games allot more then other parents.

What do you do when u don’t make games?

-when I’m not working, I play bluegrass tunes on my guitar. And I listen allot to Allision Krauss music.

Jens Kärrman

Some of our readers who are familiar with this publication say to be weary of the info. The newspaper is not the most trusted source. It’s great to have readers worldwide to help us with this stuff, thanks guys!


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