IGN Wii-k in review podcast highlights

A great list of information coming from the latest podcast, courtesy of the guys at NeoGAF. Apparently the podcast plays out like more of a question/answer session.

Q: Wii getting any RPGs? Namely, Atlus?
A: Matt thinks Atlus will join Wii because of DS support. Matt thinks Monolith Soft will make some RPGs. Says there’s “no doubt about it”.

Q: Any information about Disaster: Day of Crisis?
A: Nope. Look foward to E3.

Q: Worst game every released?
A: Carmageddon 64.

Q: Animal Crossing Wii information?
A: No new info to report. Will be online.

Q: NCAA Football 08 not on Wii. Why not?
A: Madden was a test-water title for EA. NCAA may be seen next year if Madden does well.

Q: Which title gives you most hope for the Wii?
A: Super Mario Galaxy. “Felt fresh”. Liked how it merges old and new.

Q: Of all games shown, which are you most excited for?
A: Galaxy. Likes the rest of the holy trinity and Manhunt 2. 1 or 2 behind closed doors games that have yet to be shown. 1 of them is hardcore gamer oriented. Let it slip that Nintendo was making it.

Q: How much do you like the word “quasi”?
A: Nobody cares. Was apparently a joke about Matt’s writing style.

Q: What’s happening with Camelot?
A: Nobody knows. They’re working on some PC games.

Q: Do you see the state of 3rd party Wii support changing by the end of the year?
A: Yes. Sales talk.

Q: Do you think that bluetooth headset support will be added?
A: Probably not. Maybe? Who knows. (They go off on a friend code tangeant) Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree uses system friend codes. Not game. Matt thinks it should happen with Battalion Wars II.

Q: Ever had problems or needed help on reviews?
A: All the time. Usually happens with mediocre games. Had tons of problems with Wii Sports.

Q: If Hollywood was making IGN the movie, who would play you?
A: Gilbert Gottfied or Ron Pearlman.

Q: Any games coming out (or have come out) that feature calibration so that the pointer is exactly where you’re pointing?
A: Nope. They see technical issues to it.

Q: What would you like to see Retro due after MP3?
A: A new RPG or FPS. Maybe revisit past-planned IPs (like Raven Blade). They have a new original project in the works

Q: What to make of comments about MP3 and “revolutinizing” FPS controls on Wii?
A: Matt still doesn’t think MP3 won’t make Mouse+Keyboard.

Q: River City Ransom. Great game or GREATEST game?
A: Great game.

Q: Will GHIII guitar be cheaper on Wii?
A: Doubt it.

Q: Played any online multiplayer on Wii that has little/no lag?
A: Yep. Strikers.

Q: Any news about an F-Zero Wii?
A: Nope.

Q: A second industry-wide crash in the next five years?
A: Probably not, but many companies who gamble on 360/PS3 and sales don’t meet expectations may fold.

Q: I (yes me, ZealousD) asked if Matt would punch Luke Smith in the face. They censored his name. Bah!
A: He wouldn’t. Damn it! Somewhat related, they talked about if possible Perrin interview soon. Matt doesn’t know. Matt is bitter about not getting to play MP3 at the Nintendo event.

Q: When could Brawl be available in Europe?
A: No clue. They don’t even have a release date for SPM.

Q: When is original downloadable games?
A: Before the end of the year most likely. They had a totally brain fart with Geometry Wars. Geo Wars will be a disc game.

Q: Which multiplayer game are you looking most forward to?
A: Strikers

Q: Because of the big composer list posted on a Smash Bros site, what new characters do you think will be announced?
A: Dozens possibly. Why else would they need that many composers to the project? Sonic is likely. Probably some Capcom characters. Peer is thinking it could go the other way (ala Mushroom Kingdom Hearts).

Q: Who cuts your hair?
A: Local barber for $8. Never combs it.

Q: Are the new MP3 screens actually new?
A: Most likely, because they’re widescreen, which is new.

Q: How often do you get called Assamassina?
A: EVERYBODY says it!

Q: Super Metroid on VC when?
A: It’s coming soon. Just don’t know exactly when.

Q: What are you holding back?
A: Only 1 that he knows alot. Several others that he hasn’t seen personally, but is aware of.

Q: Storage may be an issue in the future. Any HDD support new?
A: They have a contract with some HD company, so possibly.

Q: Will RE:UC or Dragon Quest Swords change on-rails games?
A: They don’t really answer the question. Not too impressed with RE:UC. Differences of opinion on DQS. Likes Rayman’s plunger levels.

Q: Any good exclusive Wii FPS games coming?
A: Red Steel 2, maybe.

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