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GameSpot to cover Nintendo press conference live as well

by rawmeatcowboy
04 July 2007
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Reader Hagi received this email from GameSpot concerning their upcoming E3 coverage…

See E3 in HD and AD-FREE
The year’s biggest show in gaming, E3, is next week, and GameSpot will be on-site broadcasting all the major news on the hottest new games. Tune in July 10 to July 13 for nonstop E3 coverage including:

* Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft press conference webcasts
* Live demos of new games
* Exclusive interviews
* And much, much more

Everyone can check out our coverage for free, but only paying subscribers get the highest quality video, fastest downloads, and ad-free browsing.

This 4th of July is pretty damn slow! At least it’s a little better than last 4th. The GoNintendo 100 stock Smash Bros. Melee battle (now a 4th of July staple!) should be happening later tonight. We will make sure to grab some pics!