Halo DS may exist, but it's not from Bungie

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Brian Gerard and Frank O’Connor from Bungie…

S: I think I’m going to ask the forbidden question… was there ever Halo for the DS?

FO: I believe we got pitched for it several times.

BG: Every once in awhile it comes up. Somebody out there some developer pitches and tries to make it happen.

FO: Microsoft does publish DS games or licenses them, I think to THQ.

BG: It’s very likely that somebody at some point in time created a prototype and tried to pitch it.

FO: Which is probably what Casamassina is talking about.

BG: But there has never been an officially funded or sanctioned development of any sort of DS Halo game.

S: Would you ever like to see that [Halo on the DS]?

FO: I mean if it wasn’t a drain on resources. The problem is the DS is not an FPS console right? It’s not an FPS handheld. There really is no such thing. If we did something cool I would like to see it. But I would rather see the Halo IP on any handheld system applied to a different genre because handhelds don’t necessarily do FPS well.

Full interview here

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