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RUMOR - Manhunt 2 to be published despite AO rating?

by rawmeatcowboy
19 July 2007
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Reader DiscipleInAgony noticed a discussion going on over at Falafelkid’s blog concerning Manhunt 2 and the Adults Only rating. Falafelkid himself has quite a juicy rumor that he is trying to confirm/deny.

I have contact to someone who claims to work for NOA in Redmond. That person has told me in confidence that a memo was circulated about two weeks ago about Nintendo publishing ┬┤Manhunt 2┬┤ despite the AO rating.

I have been seeking to verify this with my sources at Take 2 and Rockstar. Also, I have asked for the memo to be forwarded to me. I am still busy on those two fronts, so please bear with me until I get more detail and can actually write a proper post.

Let me just close by saying that I do regard the source as reasonably reliable, while I simply cannot believe that Nintendo would ever consider such a move.

I really don’t see Nintendo going ahead with this, especially when Sony and Microsoft won’t allow AO rated games on their platforms.