Religious issues with Zack & Wiki?

There are a lot of subjects out there that I wish I knew more about. I slowly move on, learning more and more every day. Unfortunately, when it comes to religion, there is a lot left for me to understand. That’s why I am completely ignorant to what one of our readers sent in. While I definitely know of the people mentioned below, I am not well versed in all their history. Reader Pakkitman sent in this email that deals with the video below.

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As an avid Wii gamer, and point and click enthusiast, I was checking out this gametrailer vid of some of the new Zack and Wiki gameplay. Though I´m agnostic, I grew up in a Muslim family and visited Pakistan a number of times. Therefore, I can safely say that both 20 and 44 seconds into this clip, you can hear the island savages called into prayer with a sound clip of a Muslim call to prayer, “Allahou Akbar”, and then mimic the way of prayer.

Strange and slightly horrifying, I really hope that it is a temporary placeholder for an other sound. Even so, why was it there in the first place?

Is this something that should be viewed as offensive, or it being taken too far? Make sure your comments on this topic are kept respectful. I will be checking in during the night to make sure no one is out-right attacking anyone else. Voice your opinions, but don’t attack your fellow readers. You guys are extremely capable of intelligent conversation, and prove that very often. I know that religion is a hot-button issue, and I don’t want things going in the wrong direction.

If you find a particular comment offensive and serving no purpose but to demean another reader, send me an email.

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