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WiiCade Launches Version 3

by bethany
19 August 2007
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August 19, 2007 Toronto, CA

WiiCade is pleased to announce a new version of its highly successful Wii Remote API for the Nintendo Wii home console system. This new version adds features such as motion sensing, up to 4 player support, partial support for the Nunchuk controller attachment, and fine grained control over the features of the Wii Internet Channel.

Included in the launch are five exciting new titles that utilize the features provided by the API. These include Icy’s Droplet Gathering Adventure and Space Shooting Mania by Micheal Snider, Asteroid Falldown by Jonas Theslöf, and Bumper Car Madness and Catch a Falling Star by Michael Oder of Third party flash developers are welcome to host their games on WiiCade.

Open Source
WiiCade believes that this new technology represents the future of Web Gaming on the Wii. To encourage the use of the powerful features contained in this new code, WiiCade is releasing the source code under a combination of the GPL and LGPL licenses. Please see for further details regarding licensing.

A New Look
To herald the arrival of the new API, the interface to WiiCade has been redesigned from the ground up. Games are easier to find than ever before, new games tags warn you of age-sensitive content, and better use is made of the available screen space provided by the latest version of the Wii Internet Channel.

WiiCade Labs
The Wii won’t stop evolving and neither will WiiCade’s commitment to new technologies. As part of the relaunch, WiiCade has branched off a new research section of its website dedicated to ever more sophisticated, Wii-related technologies. WiiCade Labs will be at the forefront of the research and development of these technologies, providing them to developers the world over.

The new API was wholly developed by Jerason Banes. Some features are based on earlier research published by Mario Klingemann of the Quasimondo website. The revamped website was designed by David Stubbs and programmed by John Eyesman and Jerason Banes. Special Thanks goes to Nintendo of America and Opera Software ASA for publishing critical information that made this release possible.

About WiiCade
WiiCade was founded with the simple idea of bringing web gaming to the Wii. Since its inception in November of 2006, WiiCade has brought simple but fun Flash games to millions of players across the globe. Introduced in February of 2007, the “WiiCade API” provided provided players with new control possibilities beyond the simple mouse controls initially provided by the Wii Internet Channel.

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