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This little rumor popped up on the official Nintendo forums. As far as I know, this is nothing more than one fan’s idea for a game. Regardless, I happen to enjoy this idea. I don’t know how well you would be able to get it to work, but I would like to see someone try!

Introduing Wii Hide You Seek.

Wii Hide You Seek brings a very basic concept into the picture. Its a massive online hide and seek game, featuring numerous locations, such as a Mansion, a neighboordhood, or even a city. It will offer many different ways to play online.

How does it work?

The gameplay is simple. Teams are assembled and choose a game to join via the lobby. Each game will have its own unique setup, the different play mods that have been announced at this time are listed below.

Each team is designated a specific chat channel, and will be able to communicate via a microphone (it doesn’t mention if this is built in to the controller, or if you have to buy it, but either way it means we won’t be texting online. Yes!)

You might wonder how an online hide and seek game works, I mean won’t it be easy to find each other? Not to worry, using an ingenious level design, you might play the same map numerous times, but it will never seem the same.

Every game will be its own “dedicated game”. This means that within each game, whatever happens is entirely unique. For example in the neighborhood level, there might be cars parked outside houses, and you can climb into truckbeds and hide, but its possible that another time you play, this same car will be gone. Also, backyards for example are fairgame, this means that sometimes you might find a backyard completely empty, and other times there might be a dog, and it will alert the enemy of your presence.

In order to officially catch someone in the games, you will have to physically run up to them, and reach out with one of the controllers (most likely the Nunchuck [see bottom of post] and touch them.

Once a player is captured, they can switch between any of their teammates locations, and still communicate, however they WILL not be able to see an opponent, even if they are on-screen for whomever you are watching. This is to keep the game fair and balanced.

So does this mean it might actually FEEL like a real hide and seek game? That’s what this seems to be shaping out to be. With real in game movement, it seems to me like this will be one big, virtual playground for us to play in, and this is only ONE level! Imagine the possibilities. Here are the game types, to get you more excited.

Normal Play

Players: 4-16


This is the very basic mode. It offers quick clean fun. Teams are assembled (based upon number of people in the game). A map is selected based on majority rule. Once the map has loaded, one team will be randomly selected to count. Once selected the screen will go black, and a countdown timer will begin counting down on the screen. (Time given is chosen during set-up) Once the timer reaches zero, the screen returns to normal and the selected team begins hunting for other players. A timer will begin going up at the top of each players screen. This represents how long the selected team has been searching, the longer they take, the better the hiders score and rank will be.

Once all players from 1 team have been found, that team becomes it, and the countdown will begin.


Countdown Time
Total Game Time
Number of Players

Cops and Robbers

Players: 4-8 (1-2 Robbers 3-6 Cops)


The classic game of Cops and Robbers. Usually played with 1 person against all cops, but in this case there can be up to 2 robbers, depending on how many people join the game. The concept is simple, the robbers hide, and the cops try and find them. In order for the robbers to win, they must successfully avoid the cops for a preset amuont of time. For the cops to win, they must capture the robber before the time ends. The countdown timer works in the same manner as it does in Normal Play.


Robber Win Time
Countdown Timer
Win Set Time
Number of Players

Night Seek

Players: 4-16

Description: This brings a childhood hide and seek dream to reality. Playing at night. That’s right, you get flashlights, as it will be much harder to see. The set-up is almost identical to that of Normal Play, only a few minor changes. Team sizes remain the same, the main difference here is how you play. Rather then simply looking high and low for players, you must now use a flashlight, making it much more difficult, and exciting. It makes the normally obvious hiding places just as good as any other hiding spot. Also, the people hiding will have flashlights as well, because as in all the other modes, a hiding spot isn’t official, you can move around, just make sure you don’t get caught moving around, or it will be much harder to hide again.

Personal Note: I can’t WAIT to see other people in game running around with flashlights looking around for other people, itll just be fun!


Countdown Timer
Total Game Timer
Number of Players

That can’t be all the modes…

True, it isn’t all of the modes, but those are the only ones to be explained as of this time. It seems the developers would like to keep the other modes under wraps right now, maybe some crazy ones, or maybe some more variations of traditional ones. Who knows.

So how do I control this thing?

The official control scheme is not known, but it is assumed that it will function along these lines (Normal Play only listed)

The remote itself will serve as a camera of sorts when rotated, so you can change your view. The B button when held down will enable running, which is controlled by the Nunchuck attachments analog stick. The Nunchuck will also serve as how tall you are standing. Since this is a hiding game, it is important to be able to duck, and jump, which will be controlled by your movement of the Nunchuck.

No known use for A button has been stated, but I would assume it allows you to grab on to ledges and climb up on things.

Thanks Vaati & SolarPsyclone!


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