GoNintendo Mole - Super Mario Galaxy in-store demo, DS Download Station: Version 7 games

Our mole is at it again, and he has some great info this time. The one that will get you really excited has to do with a short Italian plumber that I think you are all familliar with.

GameStop/EB, GameCrazy, and any other game retailer with a Wii floor unit should be getting in Super Mario Galaxy to demo. That means you can head to your local retailer and get yourself some hands-on time. This is the full version of the game too. The only problem is that the system timer should be running in full force. Get in your 10 minute session while you can!

Our mole also has the list for the next batch of DS demos/videos that you will be able to grab from DS Download Stations. This is a pretty big update, and there is sure to be some stuff you’ll want to take home with you.

Brain Age 2 Demo
2 Phantom Hourglass videos
Ninja Gaiden DS demo
Contra IV demo
MySims demo
Cooking Mama 2 demo
Picross demo
Planet Puzzle League demo
High School Musical demo
My Word Coach demo
Worms: Open Warfare 2 demo
Jam Sessions demo
Spider-man: Friend or Foe demo
Pokemon Battle Revolution video
Bee Movie video
Transformers video

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