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New Super Mario Bros. Japanese purchase frenzy!

by rawmeatcowboy
27 May 2006
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ds SMarioBros ss 01

We all know that the DS is a very popular system in Japan. The Japanese public seems to be eating up anything DS related, as we saw with the DS lite. Now that they all have DS and DS lites to play, they have to skim through a wide variety of games. You would think that is a tough choice, but apparently there is no competition worthy when New Super Mario Bros. hit the shelves. NSMB managed to sell through 480,000 units in it’s first day, making it the fastest selling DS title ever. To put things in perspective, when the second edition of Brain Training came out in Japan, it sold through 414,556 units…in the first 4 days. Looks like Mario is just as strong as ever!