Too good to be true rumor - Valve thinking about bringing Portal to Wii

In recent months I have been trying to stay away from rumors unless they have some visual proof to go with them. In this instance, I simply can’t help myself. I am a huge Portal fan, as it much of the GN podcast crew.

Rumor has it that Valve is thinking about bringing Portal to the Wii. Something about the game seems to just mesh so nicely with the platform. Obviously graphics would have to be much dumbed down, but gameplay could stay exactly the same. The one thing that gives me hope for this rumor is the fact that Gabe Newell and the Valve team is definitely interested in the Wii. Minus the graphical overhaul, this would be a pretty safe port over.

Do I think it will happen? No. Do I want it to happen? Definitely. We could always let Valve know about our interest!


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