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More details on Toys R' Us Super Mario Galaxy deal

by rawmeatcowboy
10 November 2007
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1) If you preorder the game you are guaranteed the game & coin at pick up for up to 2 weeks after its release date of 11/12/07.

2) You are also able to get a $25 gift card if you pick up the game between 11/11 & 11/17. The promo offer for the gift card starts on Sunday 11/11/07 and ends Saturday 11/17/07.

3) The game is guaranteed to be in stock by Tuesday 11/13/07 @ 5:00pm, but it may come in earlier. The promo offer will officially start on 11/11/07. If somehow you are able to purchase it earlier than 11/11/07 you will not get the $25 gift card.

4) Since the preorder slip is a coupon, those worrying about not getting a $25 gift card for preordering need not worry and will be getting a $25 gift card if you pick up the game between the dates listed above.

7) Make sure to bring both your preorder slip and receipt when you go to pick up your game. If you only have the preorder slip, then it is VOID and you may end up paying full price and will not receive a coin.

Huge thanks to Kirbyfox for the heads up!