Site news - Comic returns, podcasts are early, and maintenance is done!

Awhile back, you might remember that we had a line of comics that were created by reader Kobun. His work was fantastic, his art style unique, and his humor was succinct. We had a great run with Kobun, but unfortunately his schedule got too busy for him to continue on. You know how it is, going to school and trying to further his career…how selfish! In all seriousness, we miss Kobun, and hope that he is doing extremely well in wherever life has taken him.

But today is a new day! Just a week ago I received a bit of fanart from reader Daniel. His approach was different from that of Kobun, and it caught my eye just as Kobun’s work had. I started talking to Daniel about possibly starting a comic strip for the weekends, just like the good old days. To my pleasure, he was all for it! That brings us to today, where Daniel’s first comic is featured. Please enjoy strip #1 of Nintendo Get! - “A New Beginning”.

Lower-res and full-res versions below.



Hopefully that was a good way to kick-start your weekend! Please look forward to a new comic each weekend from here on out.

Next up, we are having a bit of change with the podcast schedule. Don’t worry, you’ll still have a show to download every Saturday night/Sunday morning. The thing is, the crew has actually taken a liking to recording the podcast earlier on Saturday. That way it opens up the weekend more. The crew deserves to go out and have some fun on their weekend! That’s why we’ve decided to give early podcasts a try. We will now be recording our shows around 3 pm EST every Saturday. That should actually make it much easier for some of our readers to watch the live-stream. I haven’t decided if I am going to post the show late at night or earlier in the day. We’ll see how that all works out as I get into the swing of things.

Finally, I am pleased to tell you all that our site maintenance is complete. Can you believe that it went off with nary a hitch?! As I mentioned last night, we are testing things out to see how they go. If your ISP has updated, you are viewing the site on new hardware. We don’t have a cache running anymore, so my posts and your comments are 100% live. We will see if the new hardware setup can handle the traffic without needing a cache. The real test will be on Monday once the regular flow of traffic kicks back in. This is my warning…we may go down due to traffic, but we are ready to fix that problem. We did some stress tests before, but the only true way to see how things go is to go live with the new hardware configuration and see what real traffic can do.

If your ISP has not updated, you are still dealing with a cache on the old hardware. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the same news that the new site is getting. There is actually no difference in-between the new and old setups (minus the cache), as far as what you will notice. Don’t feel bad if you are still looking at the cached site. My ISP is yet to update as well! Everyone should have auto-switched by the end of the weekend. If not, it doesn’t matter one bit. We are going to leave the old setup running for a lot longer than necessary, so you’ll be updated long before we ever do away with it.

One last thing - Don’t forget that our special feature starts on Monday! It will be running for about 3 weeks, one feature post every Monday through Friday. It will contain a lot of opinions on a topic that is very hot right now. Trust me, it’s something that matters to you guys! I can’t wait to see what discussions come from it. It should turn out to be fantastic…I hope!

Well, back to work as usual for me. Weekend schedule is in full force, so I’ll see you guys in a few hours.

P.S. - If you see an error when commenting (slow down cowboy…), it actually isn’t an error. It just means a lot of people are commenting at once, and it is a precaution to keep the server load down.

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