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Help NIBRIS get a Revolution game published

by rawmeatcowboy
04 December 2005
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NIBRIS is working on a game called Raid Over the River, and theywant to bring their game to the DS and Revolution exclusively. This game will not be showing up on Xbox360 or PS3 because the developers have stated that “Nintendo is their life”. They hold a great amount of respect for Nintendo, and only want to see their game published on Nintendo systems.

While Raid Over the River doesn’t have a distributor yet, they are in talks with a few companies as of right now. This hasn’t stopped them from working on the game day and night. NIBRIS doesn’t even have a Revolution dev kit, so they have been doing all their work on a PC version.

Perhaps the saddest news is that NIBRIS got in touch with Nintendo of Europe about publishing the game, but NOE told them that the game “wasn’t in their target”. I hope that the tides will turn, and that this game will be picked up by Nintendo. We have heard how Nintendo is eager to work with any developers to bring their games to Revolution, but after hearing this news I am left wondering what the truth is.

You can check out some screenshots of the Raid Over the River below, and perhaps get a feel for what the game may look like if it ever makes it to the Revolution.

I am providing a couple links for everyone to check out. If you want to contact the developer and give them some encouragement or kind words, I am sure they would love to hear it. Also, if you would like to contact Nintendo of Europe and pleade NIBRIS’s case in hopes of their game getting published, I will provide you with the NOE contact page.

NIBRIS contact page

Nintendo of Europe contact page