Two wishes come true in one day. Opoona coming to NA!

You’ve heard me say it before…I am not an RPG fan, but I just can’t help but be interested in Opoona. Apparently Japan could have cared less, seeing that the game went largely unnoticed. Looks like Koei thinks that it has a hit on its hands though…they are giving the game a chance stateside!

I had saved the Opoona trailer I linked to earlier, but I hadn’t watched it until a few minutes ago. I watch through to the end, and I catch this screen.


I know it doesn’t specifically say NA, but we know for sure that it is going to other territories. Due to the nature of the trailer and where it was posted, I think NA is a safe bet. I’m sure there is a good chance of a Euro release as well.

People interested in Opoona…show your support! I’m going to make as much noise as I can in the hopes of previewing a localized version. If you are excited for Opoona, leave a comment!


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