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The GameSpot saga continues

by rawmeatcowboy
30 November 2007
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A portion of a post that was supposedly written by someone on GameSpot’s marketing team. The post has since been removed…

The ads went up and the Eidos brouhaha was settled over two weeks ago. Jeff got fired yesterday. Furthermore, I’d heard a few people tell that he’d already been skating on thin ice for “unprofessional reviews and review practices.” I don’t know much about that, though, so I can’t say one way or the other. My gut tells me that he got canned for larger reasons. Maybe the Eidos debacle was part of it — I don’t know. But I sincerely doubt that Eidos made Gamespot fire him. CNET doesn’t kowtow to its advertisers, and I’ve more than once seen the higher-ups turn away big advertising dollars for the sake of the company’s integrity.I think the whole thing is likely a combination of factors, the biggest being poor timing.

If this post was removed, it leads me to believe there some validity to it. This is quite a mess, isn’t it?!