Europe - don't shoot the messenger...no Brawl until after June

Europe…I really am sorry about this one. This may be the biggest delay “punch in the face” that Nintendo has handed out in awhile. Nintendo’s recent software release list didn’t even make mention of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which made a few people nervous. I figured it wasn’t on there just to build a bit of suspense, and that the title would indeed hit sometime in February or March. A quick discussion with Nintendo of Europe has shown that that’s not the case.

A NoE rep has stated that Brawl will not be out in Europe until after Q2 2008. That means you’ll definitely be waiting until after June to get your hands on what could be the Wii’s biggest title yet. That is just a tad painful for people waiting for the title.

This is my open invitation to Europeans that want to Brawl. You can stay at the warehouse, rent-free, just to get some Brawl action. We’ll rotate you in and out on a weekly basis. You have to sleep in my basement…but come on, it’s Brawl!


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