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UPDATE 1: Other then controls their aren’t any significant differences between the GCN and Wii versions of Twilight Princess.

UPDATE 2: Nintendo Power responds to PS3 controller says it’s not a big deal, the PS3 controller is not as sophisticated as the Wii-mote and it doesn’t appear that many PS3 games will use the technology. They also said “Sony obviously felt that Nintendo was onto something, and the decision to include such a feature in the PS3 controller sort of reaffirms Nintendo’s approach”. They mentioned that the PS3 controller won’t make the type of impact in the way you play games as the Wii-mote would.

UPDATE 3: Nintendo Power lists their wishlist for new Brawl characters which are Captain Olimar, Sonic, Mega Man, Viewtful Joe, Simon Belmont, Rayman, Klonoa and Bonk.

UPDATE 4: Suda51 Interview Excerpt: “The market right now is very stagnant because of a lack of creativity…Wii has that same potential (as the DS) and we’re very excited about that…We’re actually working on a Wii title in collaboration with Spike (it is not Necro-Nesia)…I’m not a rich guy, so I want a console that I can actually own (laughs). This E3 is a very hard one for developers because we’re wondering which platform we should go for. If you go with Wii, you can’t create the same game for PS3. Wii is so different. There’s no more multiplatform like it used to be where you could create a game for all three platforms at once. Someone like EA might be able to do it because they have money…We’ll be making a Contact 2 for…um, a Nintendo platform to be announced.”

UPDATE 5: The Wii’s first fighting game will be Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. More supermoves will be in the game compared to only one on the E3 demo. To charge up Kamehameha attack..twist both controllers sideways…then strike your hands straight out to unleash the kind of blash that DBZ fans dream about being able to do in real life.

UPDATE 6: Interview with both MP3’s director and producer. The following is an excerpt of the interview:”…because of this Phazon corruption, we’re giving the player the ability to go into that mode (hyper mode as seen in Super Metroid) at any time and become very powerful, which opens up a subset of abilities that Samus will have…while your extremely powerful for a period of time, you also have the possibility of dying…(game is more cinematic then the last two) that was very much a conscious thing that we’re doing because the system’s more powerful (than the Gamecube). It allows us to create larger environments (then the last two)…(you’ll see farther ‘distances’ visually)…(bounty hunters are in the game and are important to the story)…(Wii is) obviously a more powerful machine (than Gamecube)…visually we’ve got bloom lighting (also improved animations)…(Corruption is a launch title)…(Samus can remotely command her ship) So the ship can come in and do bombing runs or it can come in and lift really huge objects for you, or you can use it to traverse areas as a platform…(Command, Combat, Scan, X-ray visors are in the game)…(we’ll see more metroids along with seeing Chozo)…(no multiplayer, but will use WiiConnect24)…(MP3 is the last game in the Prime trilogy) we will continue expanding the (Metroid) franchise…(you can use nunchuk as a grapple beam by flicking).

UPDATE 7: In the E3-Nintendo booth section of the magazine it mentions that WiiSports has a face editor (as mentioned before you possibly draw it in but the magazine doesn’t elaborate on this). Also Spielberg is working on projects with EA (looks like the Jurassic Park bit was a game?). Wii Golf will include full courses, baseball will present innings with base runners on auto-pilot and a two player mode, on swinging the ball the other at the bat. Wii Airplane is part of the ‘Wii Motor Sports’ category, expect game-styles like Wave Race. A guitar-playing game is being considered. More games within WiiSports (other then the first three) could make it for launch.

UPDATE 8: Twilight Princess Update: Game was still in prelimenary form at E3. Link always keeps his shield ready for combat unlike past 3D Zelda games. Shake the nunhuck back and forth for spin attack. Concept art of a Goron (which didn’t appear in the E3 demo) is shown, looks cool. Semi-transparent Midna comes out from Link’s shadow and offers advice from time to time. Fisherwoman Hena instructs Link for fishing and the GCN version does have fishing also. Nintendo Power speaks about the Twilight Realm and the new change as we have all seen by now.

UPDATE 9: Nintendo Power lists the Top 25 Wii games as seen below:

25. Medal of Honor: Airbone - There are bomb-dismantling sequences
24. Disaster: Day of Crisis
23. Metal Slug Anthology - You might toss grenades with Wii-mote thrown motion
22. Elebits
21. Call of Duty
20. Harvest Moon
19. Madden NFL 07 - Made for the other 143 million football fans that don’t play Madden
18. Project H.A.M.M.E.R
17. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam
16. Super Monkey Ball: BB - There will be more then enough mini-games
15. Wii Sports
14. Trauma Center: SO - cutting, suturing, bandaging, injecting with Wii-mote
13. Red Steel
12. Excite Truck
11. Dragon Quest: TMQTM
10. Fire Emblem - sequel to Path of Radience, same land, thief Sothe is in the game
09. Rayman Raving Rabbids - Rabbids weakness is dancing
08. Sonic Wild Fire - Director says: “The core concept was basically to revolutionize Sonic. We wanted to return to his roots, yet try something entirely new. So I wanted to make sure that he had a new environment to playin in. Since Arabian Nights has 1,001 stories, it allos for a variety of different environments and a variety of things for Sonic to do.”
07. Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers - promised to have a mix of groundbreaking control and RPG tradition.
06. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
05. WarioWare: Smooth Moves - future Warioware concepts may use Wi-Fi connection
04. Resident Evil
03. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
02. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
01. Super Mario Galaxy - plot is to save Princess Peach as usual, you can have two players, one with Wii-mote and the other with Wii-mote/Nunchuku.

UPDATE 10: Two pages are dedicated to the Super NES as the month of August is the 15th Anniversary of the system. NP Staff picked six personal picks of underrated/overlooked titles. Axelay, Secret of Evermore, Metal Warriors, Illusion of Gaia, Out of this World and Battletoads in Battlemaniacs. Also has a very small section of the Super Famicom, spoke about how Final Fantasy V and Mega Man & Bass didn’t make it to the US.

UPDATE: 11: Next Issue will have a special feature on Rayman Raving Rabbids, new exclusive revelations and screenshots of Red Steel and discussion with MVP Shaun Alexander about Madden NFL 07.

UPDATE 12: Nintendo Power confirms six titles for launch. Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Red Steel, Dragon Quest, Super Monkey Ball and Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Q/A with Square-Enix VP

Q: Since you’re in charge of the entire Mana series, have you given any thoughts to how the series might play on Wii?

A: “I have no concrete, solid plans right now to bring the series to the Nintendo Wii, but I do feel after seeing the Wii, that it would be quite an interesting possibility at this point.”


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