More talk of Brawl delay *update*

This is the second time we are talking about a possible Brawl delay. The first post can be found here.

Hey guys, I just jumped into my email for a minute to send off something, and I was inundated with more Brawl delay emails. I have heard from a few of our readers that work at retail stores, and their computers are indeed showing a Brawl delay (these submitters wish to remain anonymous). These delays are all for different dates in March. GameStop/EB is yet to change their date. Once again, when I asked our rep, I got the ‘do not comment on rumors’ statement.

I would like to put a call out to anyone that is in a position to look up release date info. If you work at a retailer that sells games, check out what your release date for Brawl is. I’d like to make a running list of retailers that have Brawl marked for a delay.

I’ll catch you guys around 11 PM EST. For now, back to Bethany!

*UPDATE* - Nintendo customer service response, sent in by reader Andy

I empathize with your frustration at having to wait a little longer to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Like you, many of us here were counting down the days until the December release.

Having said that, we know that the development team has been working to make this edition of Super Smash Bros. the best ever, and wouldn’t push back a firm release date unless there was a good reason to do so. It’s worth noting that there are still many things about this game that haven’t yet been revealed. On behalf of Nintendo I ask for your patience as we prepare for the February 10th launch date.

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