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RUMOR: Target giving insight into new Wii colors?

by rawmeatcowboy
13 January 2008
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Reader Andy sent in some interesting info. He works at a Target, and he’s been noticing something interesting with the Wii SKU. He explains the situation much better than I could have, so I’ve included a portion of his email below.

I work in the Electronics Department at a SuperTarget. Everything in Target has a DPCI number, which is kind of like a sku number. (For example, The number for the Wii is 207-25-0001) When an employee enters this number (either by hand or by scanning a barcode), it will give them the name of the item, price, location in the store, and a number of other details.

Here is what I find interesting: Before Christmas, when an employee would scan the Wii, “Wii Console” would come up as its “title”. However, I noticed that when scanning the Wii barcode, that, instead of “Wii Console”, “Wii White” would come up as the title instead. Attached is a picture of a location print-up which illustrates the “Wii White” title. I find this interesting because what made Target change the title from “Wii Console” to “Wii White”, unless there is another color coming soon. When a Playstation 3 is scanned, it doesn’t say “Playstation 3 40GB Black”, it just says “Playstation 3 40GB”. I’ve found Target to know about many things before they are released, such as having the iPods listed as “Discontinued” a week before the new ones were announced.


We all know that the Wii will definitely see new colors. We are just waiting to find out when that will happen.

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